Unlock your data and earn additional income as a collateral custodian.

Enhance your revenues by becoming a collateral manager. If you have a warehouse management IT system our APIs will link into it to unlock the value of the inventory data.

Satoshi System uses revolutionary blockchain technology to streamline trade finance

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New revenue stream

Become a collateral manager and unlock the potential of commodity inventories lying in your warehouses by arranging financing against it for your customers. We provide you a ready platform which can interface with your warehouse management systems, identify potential clients, introduce them to financing providers and manage the collateral until the financing is settled. The additional income generated from collateral management from this can be as high as the rent income itself

Reach out to more customers for the warehouse business.

We are not just a software platform but a network of all participants in the commodity supply chain. In time, you will be able to use our network to not just facilitate financing but to also find additional customers for your space. You can also use it to find other services such as freight, insurance & quality testing for your customers.

Reduction in costs through integrated trading environment

Dealing with operations department of commodity traders, banks & brokers can be tedious, time consuming and error prone. Our system digitally links the entire commodity trading ecosystem, meaning that all instructions between you and customers are done in an efficient, easy to use platform with no ambiguity on either side. This results in reduced cost of operation through speed, elimination of point of failures, no duplicate data entry and automated workflows.

Advanced analytics

Our proprietary machine learning systems goes through your stock & transactions data and makes interesting predictions. For example, it would tell you that your coffee beans lying in a particular shed needs fumigation now as the temperature is just right for infestation for that particular origin of beans!

Why use our secure commodity trade finance platform for your trade financing needs?


The commodity inventory registry and all the transactions conducted on the network are stored in a blockchain based distributed ledger, a copy of which is available at every single node in the network. This ensures that the data written on the blockchain is immutable. Moreover, our application layer itself is distributed which makes the system practically un-hackable by malicious parties.


Though the data is stored on every node, we use our own proprietary privacy framework to encrypt the data using the most sophisticated encryption algorithms available. This ensures that the transaction data is visible only to the two direct parties who are involved in the transaction. Moreover, the rightful owner of the commodity is always in full control of which part of their data is accessible to which users.

Ease of use

Our UI/UX engineers, actually sat with the operational users and worked along with them for months in order to understand all the nuances of their day to day job. This has resulted into the most efficient design possible allowing an overall very pleasant experience for our users across all possible devices.

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