Increase your market size and decrease your operational costs.

Our proprietary machine learning algorithm will work on data collected from on farm sensors, satellite images, weather data, historical data and agronomists’ inputs to predict the farm tonnage output. We will then work with finance providers to get you funding against the predicted yields.

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Commodity Traders

Easily get the best funding for your trade inventory.

We will take away the operational hassle of getting financing against your commodity inventory and get you the most competitive deal. Partial buybacks and coordination between the warehouses, banks, brokers and insurers will be a breeze.

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Unlock your data and earn additional income as a collateral custodian.

Enhance your revenues by becoming a collateral manager. If you have a warehouse management IT system our APIs will link into it to unlock the value of the inventory data.

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Increased operational efficiencies, unified source of truth preventing risk of fraud, access to new markets…

Increase operational efficiency, eliminate fraud risks and improve regulatory transparency for your collateralized finance business without compromising on IT security and privacy.

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Assess the risks involved in real time and take preventive actions

Get real time visibility to the status of the financing transactions and the underlying collateral. We are developing a proprietary machine learning algorithm which will alert you of possible operational hazards or fraud scenarios.

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