AON Empower Results

AON is one of global leader in broad range of risk, retirement and Health solutions. By enabling organizations to take risks, they create positive social impact every day – driving innovation and economic growth, and helping millions of people recover and thrive in the face of adversity. Since 2007, the Aon Foundation has donated more than $100 million to philanthropic organizations worldwide.

Satoshi were invited to present on the benefits of blockchain technology and its different use cases with a focus on commodity trading. A number of AON’s key clients are interested in how they can utilize blockchain technology to streamline their operations, increase overall operational efficiency and lower OPEX costs. They were also particularly interested in the increased security blockchain can provide due to its decentralized nature and having no single point of failure. The topic of crypto currencies came up with discussions on market volatility and also how Satoshi could launch there own crypto currency tokens to trade with on the trading platform.

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The venue was Delft University in the Netherlands. Technology event hosted by AON with clients from various sectors attending. Roughly 6 business were selected to give presentations focused on new innovative technology and how it can be applied to real life business cases. We gave six 20 minute presentations to a number of AON’s clients ranging from commodity trading to healthcare.

The outcome was increased exposure for Satoshi with a number of clients taking business cards. Also educated some potential future customers of the benefits blockchain technology can provide them.

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