Finance and Operations: Business Consulting Services


Our team consists of a number of experienced consultants having various trading and banking backgrounds such as Wholesale Banking, Trading and Commodity Finance, Energy Trading and Operations, Financial Markets, Risk Management, Front, Middle and Back-Office Operations. Example of projects completed include but are not limited to: Collateral Management system for Daily Monitoring and Trade Financing activities, Risk Management framework and Portfolio Reporting Analytics, Loan Structuring and Syndication Application including Risk Distribution, Payments, Corporate Actions and Portfolio Management implementations, Inventory Financing and Reporting, Receivables Discounting Programs, Capital and Regulatory Reporting, various Reconciliations tools and applications. We have a large offering of various expert analysis and independent advisory services focusing on business process optimisation and organisational change. The core strength of Satoshi’s business consulting is to identify areas of improvement within organisations and implement changes. The consulting services are mostly offered in combination with design and implementation programs.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies: Experience Labs

This is a core competence of Satoshi Systems. On one hand we facilitate and run the management of innovation labs for the development of new business concepts and applications using the distributed ledger technology. On the other hand we are currently active in the wider space of the crypto-currencies programs where we advise organisations on various crypto initiatives. This regards the process of discovery, analysis and implementation of small scale private networks blockchain based including educational workshops, personalized coaching and training programs for various development teams. Our extensive knowledge in this area allows us to cover various domains including big data analytics rapid development and prototyping.